Showmark is a leading manufacturer of respoolers and winders for use with optical fiber, cable and other fine filaments.


Payoff systems supply material from a spool into a manufacturing process, inspection operation, or to a take-up unit for respooling.


Our take-ups produce neatly wound spools of material at the end of the line.


Machines and accessories for specialized applications in the wire industry.


Our team brings decades of combined mechanical and electrical experience to build machines that meet your needs with precision and reliability designed in.


Our passion for creative winding solutions is matched by a commitment to quality, service, and integrity instilled in all our employees.


Our sales and technical support are always available to our U.S. and International customers. We also provide on-site service and training.


Our machines are designed and manufactured at our facility in Exton, PA. Every system is built to U.S. and international electrical and safety standards.

Custom projects

Showmark has produced custom winding machines for many unusual applications in the medical, telecom, sensing, aerospace, solar, defense, and fishing industries. Below is a small sampling of the custom machines we have provided. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.




This system built for the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL) produces some of the most powerful magnets in the world. Its 5-axis motion control system and simple to use operator interface greatly reduces the time needed to produce these complicated devices. 

Suture Respooler with 2-Zone Anti-Static Safety Enclosure




This delicate filament respooler includes static eliminators and blowers, and a particle capture system to assure the final product stays clean. Its innovative 3-door system assures access is given to the product only where necessary. 

Optical Fiber Coating & Inspection Machine with Path




The frame of this system includes a long fiber path and space to mount a fiber coating head and UV curing unit. The servo motor driven belt capstan precisely controls the rate of travel through the coating apparatus while the take-up section produces neatly wound spools at a desired tension. 




This fully programmable respooler built for a medical products manufacturer neatly combines wire from 10 spools down to 1 spool. Each of the 10 payoffs has independently set and controlled tension.


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frequently asked questions

Our standard warranty is 1 year. This warranty covers parts and labor. It also covers travel in some cases. A warranty extension may be purchased at a cost of 6% of the machine’s selling cost for each year of additional coverage. Two additional years may be purchased. Most problems that occur are simple and can be resolved by a phone call or email. When necessary, we will travel anywhere to support a system under warranty.
Yes. We offer leasing through third party leasing companies for no additional charge. An order for a leased machine is treated like any other order.
There is not a minimum size that can be wound on a Showmark winding machine. The limitation is usually determined more by the maximum tension that a wire can withstand. We have wound 0.0004 inch (10 microns) diameter tungsten wire at high speeds.
We have wound ½ inch diameter cable and 1-inch diameter plastic tubing.
The minimum winding tension we typically specify for the machines is 5 grams (.17 oz).
We have built take-ups for 72-inch diameter spools for winding plastic tubing. Our respoolers can accommodate spools up to 40 inches in diameter weighing up to 300 pounds.
There is no minimum for the size spool that we can wind onto. The precision chuck option allows something as small as a needle to be mounted on the machine.
UniSpoolers can be configured to wind at a max speed of 800rpm. DigiSpoolers typically have a maximum speed of 400rpm, but we have built faster systems.
For the UniSpooler, we specify length accuracy of 1% and repeatability of 0.6%. The accuracy of the DigiSpooler and ErgoSpooler are 0.1% and the repeatability is 0.06%.
A reversible machine normally winds in only one direction. It will wind in reverse when needed, but the payoff spool will not traverse when reverse winding. This can lead to a build-up of material in one spot on the supply spool if it is done for a long distance. It is only recommended for short distances to correct a winding error. A bidirectional machine winds equally well from right-to-left or left-to-right. This is because both spools on the machine are carried by traversing units. If it is run in reverse, it will rewind very neatly back onto the supply spool.
At times we have a machine that can be rented. Rental of machines is dependent on availability.
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